Our Services

At Acemania Systems we believe that the customer should be treated with utmost respect as we believe for anyone to stay in business, businesses should have the best relationship with their customers.

We offer the following services:

  • Support services- we believe our relationship with our customer doesn’t end after we have made the sale, we believe that this should be a long term relationship. We make sure we follow up on the progress of the product we have sold to our customers to know how they feel about it.
  • Research and reviews – We offer this service from two points of view. paid for and for free. Periodically we do research on a product or in certain business type and do journal on it. We charge when its requested by our potential client and we dont charge it if we do the research and we get to choose the area of research. Some of this areas are such as , business oriented / Type, product oriented such as cars,mobile phones, IT Systems etc.